Виктория Романец встретится в суде с предавшей ее подругой Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has published the correspondence with Christina of Lyaskovets. As Victoria says, it was a former colleague at the telestroke advised them with her husband to go abroad from this travel Agency.
Виктория Романец встретится в суде с предавшей ее подругой

Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev spent the first half of the Christmas holidays in Prague. However, the trip was not as pleasant as we would like a couple. It turned out that they have to pay for the stay in the hotel, although initially were other conditions and agreement about the discount. Having returned to Russia, Victoria has decided to thoroughly investigate the situation and find the perpetrators that their holiday in the Czech Republic over the scandal.

It turned out that another former participant of “House-2” Christina Lyaskovets recommended this travel Agency and Gusev romanet, assuring that there are reliable people. Vika listened to the friend. However, when the couple had a nasty incident with the hotel and the flight back, Christina ceased to respond to messages.

Gusev and romanet became the victims of swindlers

“After the holidays I five days could not get in touch with Christina. My calls were unanswered! I didn’t want to move out, as normal the rest does not imply wandering “bonuses” for hotels! I wanted to hang my stuff in the same hotel from the beginning to the end of your holiday. It is a pity that you did not read my recent posts in whatsapp! When I realized that you are part of it. I talked about the fact that all tighten. Will not allow this attitude to anyone!” – a message romanet left on the personal page in the microblog, attaching to it the screenshots of the conversations.
Виктория Романец встретится в суде с предавшей ее подругой

According to Victoria, then in this case will be dealt with counsel and the judiciary. Romanet believes that it’s unfair to do so with good friends. “Never wouldn’t do that, because I know what friendship is. No wonder you have no friends. Frankly, it is insulting to tears! But that’s life,” said the ex-participant reality show.

Despite the history with the travel Agency, the pair were impressed from walking around Prague. “Tourists are very good. The people are friendly and happy, the prices are great. Not for a moment regretted that for the New year my husband and I chose Prague,” earlier wrote Victoria.

Soon romanet will celebrate the birthday. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” planning a trip to Paris. According to the girl, this tour she designed through another company, so no difficulties should arise.