Victoria romanet was robbed

Викторию Романец ограбили
The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Victoria romanet lives in New Moscow in the cottage.

Викторию Романец ограбили

Recently she became a victim of thieves.

Victoria is now looking for an apartment closer to the center.

The attackers got into the star’s house, when she wasn’t home. But according to Romanets they stole only a few hundred thousand.

“I came home. While went to see the new apartment, someone broke into the cottage. Took the bag for 5000 rubles, jewelry, but other brand-name bags did not take. Instead, they took four bottles of perfume. From home appliances stole a Sony camera, not a more expensive MacBook. Apparently, looking for money, as I said I wanted to buy a car. Not found, although all turned, looking for even under the mattress. The police called the friend… My makeup artist believes that the thief was a girl,” the girl told reporters.

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