Виктория Романец разводится с Антоном Гусевым из-за финансовых проблем Rustam Solntsev has revealed details of the conflict pair. According to him, Victoria was tired of being the husband earns enough. Showman believes the girl is the initiator of the break. A few hours ago romanet confirmed that she and her husband disagree.

Long fans of a pair of ex-participants of the project “Dom-2” was happy for the lovers. Played a wedding in September last year, Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet getting a divorce. Information about the parting with her husband she herself confirmed “StarHit”. But the reasons for such a hasty decision Romanets decided to hold back, escaped with generalities.

But, it turns out, they are well known friends of the couple. So the showman Rustam Solntsev, personally acquainted and Victoria, and with Anton, confident feelings once in love with Gusev girls cooled his financial insolvency.

Vic Romanets: “I can think Anton Alfonso, bought him underwear»

“I’m 100% sure that the gap (by the way, this is not the first case when Anton and Vika run) – the result of the fact that Anthony does not have money, – says Rustam “StarHit”. – They married because they really had feelings, they were physically attracted to each other. But, alas, the boat of love has crashed against the everyday. Because the feelings, as you know, come and go, but in the grocery store you need to go every day.”

According to Rustam, Victoria hoped that her young husband will start to earn, and it does not work. “The network marketing, which he does, it’s all written in stone and there is no earnings. And many of my friends, former “damouzy”, which were associated with this company, which now contacted Anton, after a short period of time left, since he saw no profit,” added Solntsev.

As a rule, in network marketing usually earn those who stand at the origins of a particular company. According to the sun, “Mercedes”, about which Anton loves to tell this taken in auto loan, so Gusev is constantly forced to pay for the car money, he is in bondage.

“And Vika young lady such – it will not be tolerated. It is hard in the statements and like to cut a plain truth. And I think her rejection of the insolvency of her husband and played a crucial role in their breakup. Baby soft, it can not hurt. I’m sure the family was injuring a few of his conversations and here’s the result. Don’t know whether this final gap, so many times they were fighting… All the same guys – beautiful couple. They are equally involve in the photo the cheeks are equally embraced sponge duck. Simultaneous interpreters, in a word. But this marriage is unlikely to save you…” – says the sun.