Victoria romanet was buying a house in Turkey

Виктория Романец покупает дом в Турции Girl wants to make a gift to the parents. Victoria romanet admitted that she left the money from the purchase of a townhouse in the suburbs, but because she decided to spend it wisely and invest in property abroad.
Виктория Романец покупает дом в Турции

Recently former participant of the reality show “Dom-2” Victoria romanet boasted to followers that she purchased a townhouse in the suburbs. She was pleased purchasing and beginning to make repairs to meet the housing her idea of a dream home. However, as it turned out, this is not the only major purchase – now she is considering a property abroad. It often happens in Turkey, and therefore decided that it would be nice and there to have his corner. She said that she was lucky she left the money she was planning to spend on your own home, and therefore decided to make a gift for mom and dad to take them to the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet bought a townhouse

“My parents live in Donetsk, and how much I wasn’t persuaded to move to Moscow, the answer was always negative. But since we managed a good save on the purchase of town, decided to take the remaining money property abroad. Prices, of course, pleasantly surprised and immediately placed”, – said Victoria followers.
Виктория Романец покупает дом в Турции

Now romanet getting ready to head to Alanya to choose housing for mom. Moreover, she promised to followers that will show those options that she likes best. Fans were happy for Victoria, who decided to make such a generous gift to the loved ones.

Interestingly, not only with Victoria romanet was suddenly awakened love for Turkey. Earlier, another pair of former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Sergey and Daria Pynzar decided to acquire housing abroad. They said that they open their own Agency, and in the same town that a former colleague via telestroke, – Alanya. They are meant to help people find housing for sale and rent. Fans asked why romanet not turned to the friend with a similar request. However, as it turned out, they cooperate with the same Agency.

Victoria boasted that she earns money and doesn’t depend on anyone. The girl admitted that he is not proud of the fact that she has her own house, as it believes it is a perfectly normal situation for any adult.