Victoria romanet was afraid to give birth to Anton Gusev

Виктория Романец боится рожать ребенка Антону Гусеву The star of “House-2” is not willing to part with a slender figure. Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev has formalized relations on August 17, however, she did not believe that the stamp in the passport does not give her future is uncertain.
Виктория Романец боится рожать ребенка Антону Гусеву

Recently it became known that Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet was married. They decided not to bring this event to everyone’s attention, and therefore went to the registry office in secret from fans and journalists. Fans were happy that the lovebirds were able to resolve conflicts, and some were perplexed – not too long ago a couple was not shy about big insults to each other.

The correspondence that led to the cancellation of the wedding Gusev and romanet. PHOTO

Despite the fact that Victoria is married, she realizes that the stamp in the passport will protect it in the future. The star of “House-2” does not exclude that the man can get away from it, even if they have a child together. Romanet sees any turn of events, and therefore are ready to the status of single mothers.

“A woman must always think a head and to understand that gives birth to itself. I believe that education lays the mother and father just helps. In the 21st century, and nobody is insured that the husband might leave. Do not want, as some of my friend complain that her husband does not help with the baby. I’m prepared to do that, I’ll raise the baby myself,” says Victoria.
Виктория Романец боится рожать ребенка Антону Гусеву

The couple live in married a month and a half, August 17, they became husband and wife. The couple is already thinking about children, but understands that time is not yet come. Romanet proud of their figure and are not yet ready to sacrifice a slender body for the sake of the child.

Виктория Романец боится рожать ребенка Антону Гусеву“Now we can’t have children, so as long as you want to live for yourself. I have not lost weight to the desired shape. Because if you get pregnant, you get fat even more, I’m not ready for this. Anton already has a son, if he wants tenderness and affection, maybe spend more time,” – said the star of “House-2”.
Виктория Романец боится рожать ребенка Антону Гусеву

Earlier, Victoria was dissatisfied with what Anton earns little. She admitted that literally contains man. Apparently, Gusev realized that he needed to satisfy his wife, and therefore began to bring home more money. Former reality show participant told the magazine “Dom-2”, which now makes 250 thousand rubles per month. Vic Romanets: “I can think Anton Alfonso, bought him underwear”

“We fully assign responsibilities. I began to make more money, so now the house rent paid in half. Though it was done Vic. I still buy us products and all necessary”, – have details on Anton.