Викторию Романец хотят выдворить из страны The Network has a scandal after her harsh remarks. Antiphonary Victoria romanet was published the petition, which is required to send a former member of telestroke to her home. According to the girl, yet this case does not require her attention.
Викторию Романец хотят выдворить из страны

A former participant of “House-2” Victoria romanet many fans, however, from time to time she is confronted with the negative side of Internet users. Spiteful critics carefully monitor the messages that leaves the model in a social network. Users found hard to review, who allegedly left the Romanets at the address of one of the women. Under the post girls actively discussed effective methods of losing weight.

Expressing their point of view, Victoria remembered about the Auschwitz camp where the Nazis tortured prisoners. According to her, all full of people would be worth to send back so they lost weight. Screen commentary spread through many of the Internet community, hurting the feelings of some women. The Network has decided to create a petition where people insist that the ex-member of telestroke expelled from Russia, and present her a number of charges.

“A citizen of Ukraine Victoria romanet is engaged in illegal business in Russia in his microblog in social networks, do not pay taxes to the Treasury, a parasite on the territory of our country and wants Russian children to die from cancer Russian people to go to Auschwitz, riding on the roads made at the expense of honest Russian citizens, regularly paying taxes, citizenship of the Russian has not. Please take action, but rather to deport to their homeland”, – the document says.
Викторию Романец хотят выдворить из страны

“StarHit” contacted Victoria to warn of the ensuing harassment. “When you come to me with a petition signed by CSI, then I’m going to talk about it,” said romanet. According to the model, it can spread only by people who have not all in the head.

By the way, recently, the Network was actively discussed pictures of Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev. Fans who follow the relationship of the couple, saw them in St. Petersburg, and then walked in on the birthday celebration in a Moscow restaurant. After that, the fans came to the conclusion that the guys reunited. Young people are not discussing this subject with the press. Anton Gusev said birthday with Victoria romanet. PHOTO

Викторию Романец хотят выдворить из страны“I don’t give reviews. When I want to, I can definitely tell. And the pictures that spread on the Network… So it’s not us,” said the reality star.
Викторию Романец хотят выдворить из страны