Виктория Романец публично унизила Андрея Черкасова The girl claims that the perimeter of the “House-2” it will not be popular. Romanet sure that the image that is seen by the viewers, was invented Cherkasov, and in fact he had nothing to boast of.

      Виктория Романец публично унизила Андрея Черкасова

      More recently, Victoria romanet and Andrei Cherkasov gave the impression of a harmonious pair, which was equal to the fans of “House-2”. Those who actively follows the lives of the inhabitants of telestroke, know how much energy and emotion lovers have invested in this relationship, but to save them failed. The first months after the breakup romanet tried to connect with Cherkasov, but at the time he wasn’t interested in it.

      Now, when the moment of parting has been quite some time, Victoria is strongly signaling that it has revised its Outlook on man, who once loved, and now simply do not understand how he could cause her such strong feelings. According to her, such as her ex-boyfriend, can’t get along with the fairer sex, and therefore Andrew should not rely on the attention from the beautiful ladies.

      “Do you think that life Cherkasov will enjoy success with the girls? This is ridiculous!” – romanet said in an interview with reporters.

      It is worth noting that at the time Victoria is not only worshipped the object of his love and was willing to forgive him all the insults, but hoped to go with him down the aisle. Cherkasov and romanet was already planning an upcoming wedding, which they had to cancel. Anyway, now the ex-participant reality show convinced that for a long time she was dealing not with anyone other than with “womanizer”. Gain experience in these complicated relations, Victoria realized how she should behave with this type of men.

      “As for these men, then, in my opinion, to fix them is impossible. And in General, men are polygamous, so they tend to change. Furthermore they due to this, self-assurance, ” says Romanets in an interview with “House-2”. – Girls, remember, men are notorious creatures that to hide its failures in work, in sex or in society, you begin to go left. I’m sure on one hundred percent! So the woman either accepts this fact, or engages in pointless struggle, spending your strength, nerves and health. Vic Romanets: “I’m not chasing millionaires”

      It is remarkable that the ” about former lover is not expressed at all. Male long made it clear that to remember this relationship does not intend to, but with great respect for Victoria and sincerely wishes her happiness. Not long ago, Andrew had another break – his novel with a striking participant of “House-2” by Stella Munis came to an end.

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