Виктория Романец спровоцировала споры о сроке ее беременности Girl intriguing snapshots of fans in the microblog. Some believe that Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev will soon become parents, while others believe that the former participant “Houses-2” just got better. On holiday in Dubai she hides her figure under loose clothes.

      Виктория Романец спровоцировала споры о сроке ее беременности

      Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet went on a romantic trip to Dubai. However, to completely rest and enjoy each other’s company, they could not – the man took a son from his first marriage with Eugenia Feofilaktova Daniel. Fans are curious about the rapid development of the relationship of Anton and Victoria. Some members even suggested that Romanets was pregnant from her lover. These thoughts they gave pictures of girls who were mostly portraits, and those made in full-length, fans believe treated with photo editor.

      “Pregnant or it seemed to me”, “Well, remember Samoylova, too, all said not pregnant, but in the end. Each different grows, someone and in three months has already seen, and who is and up to seven not to notice. I think she is pregnant”, “Pregnant 100%”, – expressed his opinion some followers.
      Виктория Романец спровоцировала споры о сроке ее беременности

      However, there are those who do not believe that Romanets and Gusev unborn baby. They suggested that Victoria just allowed myself to relax on vacation and preferred not to limit yourself in various delicacies. “I was even more today at two in the morning when I welled plate Palmach”, “I think, just have to get drunk”, “she has kind of a tendency to be overweight, and so view”, “Then write that she’s fat all the time myself photoshop. Now I saw the stomach, and immediately “pregnant” – says subscribers.

      Виктория Романец спровоцировала споры о сроке ее беременности

      Romanet and Gusev prefer to remain silent and do not comment on rumors. They are enjoying a joint holiday in a hot country. Anton Victoria calls it as “my treasure” and now sees the meaning of life to her and to son Daniel.

      “When everything is transparent and mutually. When it’s simple. When you do what you feel and feel what you do. When sincere and in silence. When more give than take. When you just need the most simple of reciprocity desirable person. With you my inner and outer world has acquired a new Outlook on life. Thank you that you came into my life. Thank you that you have me,” confessed her love Gusev.

      Before flying to Dubai, former participant of “House-2” Anton did Victoria offer hands and hearts. Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet announced their intention to get married