Victoria romanet outraged by the greed of the suitors

Виктория Романец возмущена жадностью ухажеров Ex-participant reality show “House-2” is against the avarice of men. According to Victoria romanet, very often, the deputies forced their girls to save on everything. Model dissatisfied with such restrictions.

      Виктория Романец возмущена жадностью ухажеров

      About a month ago all the fans of the TV project “Dom-2” discussed the separation of Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev. She even got rid tattoo dedicated to beloved. The businessman hopes that she will forgive him, and they all will be as before. However, romanet is in no hurry to restore relations with a young man. In one of recent posts the girl hinted that she doesn’t like when the chosen one forbids to spend much money on myself.

      “Sit, dear, I work, raise children, everything is at your feet”. And then: “Sorry, darling, money for a new dress no, we summer tires need to buy.” I’m sorry, twice a month manicure – it’s expensive, drinking toes. Sorry, in a cafe with girlfriends expensive, call them home and drink Nescafe at home, it’s more economical”. And you’re sitting in the kitchen, in an old Bathrobe, with a sophisticated manicure, and I think that something went wrong, go online and longingly looking for jobs, already imagining this Groundhog day: home-work-home”, wrote Victoria.
      Виктория Романец возмущена жадностью ухажеров

      Followers saw in the girl the hint of her relationship with ex-member telestroke. “Reading this post from you, Vicky, I thought you mean my life tell Anton!”, “Directly on the sore wrote”, “the Topic very relevant, especially for me,” “Realities of life”, “Why would a man need,” wrote netizens.

      Judging by the number of accessories and clothes, romanet does not limit herself to spending. In the vlog and “Instagram” photos girl shares purchases. Members sometimes accuse Vick that she is a Shopaholic. On top of that separate item of expenditure model – a payment for rent. Recently, she rented an apartment, as they had left with Anton. Many fans of the couple suggested that Gusev changed the girl or did not satisfy her in bed. Victoria romanet accused Anton Gusev betrayal

      “I want to give with the feet of anyone who speaks about it. You don’t know the whole situation. And I’m sure no one would have linked his life with the traitor. Everything collapsed in one moment. And fell-what?! What I did… Thanks to those girls, and they were many, that opened my eyes. Anton success and good luck,” – said Victoria to all the commenters who tried to find out what happened between them.