Victoria romanet is preparing to become a mother

Виктория Романец готовится стать мамой Ex-participant reality show is planning the birth of a child. Victoria wondered how she would raise the baby. According to the girl, she doesn’t want to be a housewife and staying at home.
Виктория Романец готовится стать мамой

Fans of “House-2” are actively monitoring the lives of some participants after they leave the reality show. Special attention of fans riveted to a pair of Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet. Subscribers stars telestroke actively discussing their relationship, and look forward to when young people finally get married.

Victoria romanet was puzzled followers one of the last posts. The girl hinted that really wants to have children. Ex-member shared with subscribers of their observations.

“I, like any not given birth to a girl, I love to dream, and what I’m gonna be a mom? All I can do? But while in no hurry. And all the relatives say, get on with it, stop living for yourself, it’s time to think about the future. Get married, give birth to children, will raise, what else is needed for happiness? Actually, my plan was never to become a large part of a housewife, at least for now. I want now to look for some other mothers, who did not forget about yourself, and combine Mostovaya and active life. At home I do not usidish,” admitted Victoria.
Виктория Романец готовится стать мамой

Subscribers will romanet supported its position, noting that the majority of women absolutely do not take care of themselves and do not pay enough attention to the spouse after becoming mothers.

“You done all correctly written. Mother and wife doesn’t mean myself to forget”, “a Girl in our time needs self-actualization not just as a mother! All right!”, “In hens-hens become women “no money” against their will”, – shared his opinion followers.

Recall that about two weeks ago, fans Gusev and romanet figured out that the pair are back together. Ex-members telestroke managed to overcome the differences that arose between them. Earlier, Victoria hinted at the fact that he cannot fully rely on Anton.

Anton Gusev: “I will do everything to regain the trust of the Wiki”

“Our views on life are very different. I tired to pull of these relationships, and not get anything in return. My life I want to associate with a man who appreciates and respects your choice, confident and decisive in their actions. From such men and not afraid to give birth, and children I want to…” said the girl.