Victoria romanet “hooked” by unscrupulous advertisers

Виктория Романец "попалась на крючок" недобросовестных рекламодателей
It is no secret that the star House 2 Victoria romanet sells in his Instagram a huge amount of publicity.

Виктория Романец "попалась на крючок" недобросовестных рекламодателей

Vika does not always receive the payment, often a beauty give her a discount in return for advertising in your blog or during the broadcast. But it is not always possible to get to the honest businesspeople.

Виктория Романец "попалась на крючок" недобросовестных рекламодателей

About the unpleasant incident, Victoria had shared with bloggers during a weekend vacation with mom:

“That’s so good spending time with mom @angelinavlasuk. Today let’s go to the zoo. In the evening we will publish a post about one dirty salonchik,who paid the money, and they are all small. I hate those. It has given a lot of advice to people who are watching my stories. nothing..and Even got a small discount. The work of the masters were paid. Will have to Shine the name of the hostess, the name and Card number, which transferred the money (here it was your mistake, if the last time I paid cash, then the first time the translation was on the card) Well, what else is left to do is my face. And Daria are advised to log into VoTs. I left the phone number of the people who will help to carry out to the salon hot water and you won’t have to wash your hair people from the kettle PS and this is not an excuse, but a statement of facts. The money I transferred for services, the recommendations were, the correspondence is not given by the party”
– posted by romanet.

Виктория Романец "попалась на крючок" недобросовестных рекламодателей

Many fans of the Wiki immediately wrote in the comments that they will look forward to the publication of the name of the salon to never set foot there.

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