Victoria romanet denied the status of the adulterer’s

Виктория Романец открестилась от статуса разлучницы Wife of Anton Gusev does not believe that the beloved has withdrawn from the family. Victoria romanet answered questions from the spiteful critics, who believe that she crossed the road Evgenia Feofilaktova. Choice brunette hastened to rise to her defense.
Виктория Романец открестилась от статуса разлучницы

Some time ago, former members of “House-2” Anton Gusev and Viktoriya Romanets has played a secret wedding. For months the lovers chose not to publicize an important event, however, recently they broke the silence and started talking about the change in marital status. Recently spouse talked to others in the social media and answered many questions.

Fans of telestroke still can not forget the divorce of Anton and Evgenia Guseva Feofilaktova. Despite the fact that the young people dispersed, they continue to communicate for the sake of son Daniel. Gusev is actively involved in the upbringing of the child. In turn, romanet denies rumors that she broke up the marriage chosen. According to Victoria, it cannot be called a home wrecker.

“Anton before I’ve been gone, but it’s probably bad did it,” she said.
Виктория Романец открестилась от статуса разлучницы

Anton Gusev rushed to defend the second half. According to the young man, his relationship with Feofilaktova has outlived its usefulness. “It is absolutely not in Vic. And I, and Jack knew that it is time for us to leave”, – explained Gusev.

According to Guseva Feofilaktova did not congratulate him on the wedding. However, Anton is not sad about it. He maintains relations with Eugenia because of the General’s son. Feofilaktova prefers not to intervene in the personal life of the former husband.

“We communicate well when I asked how Daniel is doing. And so… I don’t know, I wasn’t expecting congratulations. For me it was more important to my son’s birthday congratulated me, but then there was an unpleasant situation,” – said Anton.

Victoria said that she got along with Daniel. The girl in delight from the child and considers him very talented. Romanet understands that the boy needs to communicate with his father. “We call it little designer. When we got him, immediately starting to rearrange the furniture, change the decor,” shared the model.

Answering the question about the relationship with the former spouse, Anton Gusev admitted that he does not feel her feelings. When a young man sees Eugene, he feels “calm and absolute indifference.” According to Anton, he will understand every man who had to divorce his wife. “The first week of the inside was empty, because I’m used to children, dog, home. Vic helped me a lot in this regard. Eugene for me as a second cousin”, – quotes Guseva