Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev naked in the bath

Виктория Романец и Антон Гусев обнажились в бане The pair organized a rest in one of the Wellness centers. Gusev Romanets plunged into barrels of herbs. For hardening of the body, the young people alternated the temperature of the water: first jumped into the cold and then hot.

      Виктория Романец и Антон Гусев обнажились в бане

      Relationship with Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev watching thousands of fans of the reality show “Dom-2”. Some time ago, the couple survived the crisis. Spectacular brunette claimed that moving away from the chosen one. However, probably, the young man was able to return a location beloved by his actions. Now they re arrange the original date, during which they not only enjoy each other’s company, but to restore power.

      Anton Gusev: “I will do everything to regain the trust of the Wiki”

      Виктория Романец и Антон Гусев обнажились в бане

      Before the pair set up a meeting in the bath complex in the South of Moscow. During procedures Vika and Anton tried to temper the body. Leaving the steam room, they are first immersed in ice-cold water, then hot. The staff of the centre filled each barrel with fir branches and bags of herbs. Romanets could not hide emotions and shared details in the microblog.

      “It’s such a thrill. Words can not convey. Now steadily every week,” said the ex-participant reality show.
      Виктория Романец и Антон Гусев обнажились в бане

      Fans of the pair noted that the interior of the bath complex is very similar to the one that recently showed Dmitry Tarasov. The footballer and his fiancee Anastasia Kostenko also bathed in a barrel with fir branches a few days ago. “In the footsteps of Tarasova went After Tarasov Kostenko water-it changed”, “Photo like Tarasov Kostenko,” said the followers.

      Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko lit in the steam room

      Returning home, Vic has arranged a session of tea drinking. The girl made the drink with lemon. Members asked what tea she used, and gave tips about what else I should add in a mug.

      While Victoria and Anton don’t tell the fans what they wanted to leave. In an interview with “StarHit” romanet hinted at the fact that too much effort was invested in this relationship, but did not receive a return.

      “Our views on life are very different. I tired to pull of these relationships, and not get anything in return. My life I want to associate with a man who appreciates and respects your choice, confident and decisive in their actions. From such men and not afraid to give birth, and children I really want…” – said ex-member of telestroke.