Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev has secretly married

Виктория Романец и Антон Гусев тайно поженились
Fans of the popular TV show “Dom-2” are watching with interest the development of the relationship of the couple ex-members of Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet.

Виктория Романец и Антон Гусев тайно поженились

So far fans of the TV show could not understand what their relationship is. The other day there was information that the lovers are finally officially became husband and wife.

They decided to organize a wedding away from prying eyes, keeping this event a secret. So far from the newlyweds themselves no information about the nuptials has not been received.

Recall that the couples wedding was to be held on 8 July, but a few weeks before the celebration, the young people broke up, did not mince words against each other.

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