Виктория Романец об эскорте: «Эти девушки несчастны!» The former participant of the reality show in a new newspaper column will discuss the most pressing topics in the field of sex and relationships. The first of the escort. Victoria romanet believes that girls engaged in sex for money, deserve compassion.
Виктория Романец об эскорте: «Эти девушки несчастны!»

Life Victoria romanet truly be called luxurious a – 28-year-old ex-participant of “House-2” a year ago played a wedding in the Maldives c Anton Gusev, and recently bought a townhouse, at a cost of seven million rubles. Vika hides: gossip haters make her more motivated to keep yourself in good physical shape and successfully engage in a career.

In his newspaper column on the website “StarHit” Victoria will share thoughts on different topics in the field of sex and relationships. The first story, which is close to many beauties and heroines of the famous reality show. What makes girls to do escort?

“They can discuss and condemn, but few people know is a very vulnerable girl. Yes, they are very offended, deny it and start to stomp feet when they are called scorticati, so I’ll call them neutral – “support”. But do not call, I think these girls are deeply unhappy. They go to bed, not knowing who they will be next today…

For me, these ladies are divided into two types: those who are proud of their profession and those who are ashamed, because some life circumstances prompted them to this step.
Виктория Романец об эскорте: «Эти девушки несчастны!»

Let’s talk on live examples. Case the first: with one girl we were together on the project. And suddenly surfaced information in social networks about the escort past – published her correspondence, which stated price. Sounds awful! Price! Five thousand euros! She agreed to provide services and sent a screenshot of the passport. But even after this scandal, she is not ashamed to publish provocative pictures and expensive gifts – a pride for her only happiness in life.

Second example: once we rested a large company in a country club. To one man of age came to the blonde in an expensive car. I think feelings? No, she had to earn money to repair this car. She told us that she has a young man she loves, just means life is not enough. It’s not social, she is not showing off expensive gifts, watches, shoes. We looked at her and she looked very sad. What to do? To condemn?

Any person can easily distinguish escortsite from decent girls. If you go to the page in the social network where most of the photos – Breasts and butt, that is a bad sign.
Виктория Романец об эскорте: «Эти девушки несчастны!»

The escorts are not from the best life. Perhaps the reason for such a bold step (and how to call it otherwise?) becoming emotional trauma, or poverty. Life is precious! This is often not just words. Besides, now there are so many temptations everywhere beautiful pictures, billboards, the history of social networking, movie. In the pursuit of luxury girls decided on extreme measures. I feel sorry for them, because some expensive diamond or the machine will be able to compensate for emotional pain?

Such a bitter night write status returned from yet another Monaco.

I would advise such girls to consult a good psychologist. Such behavior and attitudes will affect their children. By the way, I noticed that mistress in the ground and remain mistresses. DV, there are those who are lucky, but they are few.

Before any person all options are open. And many do not go to escorts to live a life of luxury – quite a bit to include savvy and brains. I want to have more happy women to the main advantages were considered not of the body, and spiritual qualities”.