Victoria Raydos publicly appealed to her husband

Виктория Райдос публично обратилась к мужу The witch and her husband noted a linen wedding. Member of the mystical show “Battle of psychics” dedicated touching words to your close ones. Fans Raydos wished them happiness and love.

      The winner of “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos and her husband Basil celebrated four years of marriage. The witch of St. Petersburg tried not to talk about his family, when she participated in the TV show, but later ceased to conceal her husband and little daughter.

      On the day of the wedding linen Victoria shared pictures taken after marriage. In the collage subscribers saw a witch in a luxurious wedding dress and headdress with veil. Photo shoot of the newlyweds was made in retro-style within the walls of the station.

      “Thank you for your wisdom. With me is not easy. Appreciate, love, learn. Your”, signed frames Raydos.

      Fans of Victoria appreciated the pictures and left warm wishes on the page of the witch. “Happiness to you for years to come”, “Want to grow old on one pillow: that is, to be together until the end of days!”, “I wish you never to be disappointed in your choice, love, happiness”, “I wish you Long years of living together”, “Let the warmth of your soul shines with happiness,” wrote the followers of the winner of “Battle of psychics”.

      Daughter of Victoria and the Basil was the real star of social networks. Despite the fact that the witch hid the heir, now the little barbarians are even “Instagram” where the mother posts pictures with a girl.

      By the way, after participation in the teleproject, Victoria began work on the book “the cult of the ancestors. The strength of our blood”, which was presented in St. Petersburg. One of those who bought new, was the singer Natalie, which Raydos predicted third pregnancy. Fans of the winner of “Battle of psychics” believe that this book should be in every family.

      Pregnant Natalie revealed the sex of the baby

      In the words of the witches, she always honestly reports turned to her clients what lies ahead. “I tell people what you have to say. I’m the Priestess of the Cult of the Ancestors and not your own. As a person, I can empathize with them or feel sorry for, but in this case will cease to be a professional. You, for example, wish that you regretted? To be always patted on the head, no matter what you do? I think not. I believe that any self-respecting person deserves to hear the truth” – shared Raydos with “StarHit”.