Виктория Райдос переживает из-за травмы мужа The choice of the winner of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics” injured his hand. Victoria Raydos announced to subscribers of their microblog that this day is a favorite in helping him to recover. Fans of the famous priestess of the cult of ancestors excited about what happened.

      Fans of the winner of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos always look forward to new publications in her microblog. Known witch not often share details of private life, preferring to protect the beloved family members from the increased attention of the public. However, from time to time on her page can still detect both photos and the latest news about her husband and daughter. This time special attention, Victoria was drawn to the publication in which she reported the injury to the spouse.

      The witch placed a photo with the beloved man and stated that today they spend all day together. However, the reason for this was the unpleasant fact that her husband seriously injured his hand and the doctors put him in a cast. The psychic gave to understand that it is somewhat concerned by the fact that her partner Vasily Boykov in the near future will be able to work as damaged his right hand.

      His excitement was expressed by fans of the Victoria Raydos. Many of them said that we should not lose heart, and the hand soon healed, and others were trying to figure out what exactly happened. The answer to these questions, social network users have not received, but still wish Basil a speedy recovery.

      “I wish you health! Let your family reigns love and success” “In this photo, you and your husband are very similar,” “I wish him well! I’ve also broken my little toe”, “Victoria, your family’s health”, – have left comments subscribers microblog Raydos.

      Victoria herself is very reluctant about his household. In the period when aired 16th season of battle of the psychics”, where Raydos was definitely in the lead with the first releases, most of the questions that she asked, was connected with loved ones. Fans of the witches known, perhaps, only that she and her husband brings adorable daughter to which they are both attached. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Victoria Raydos stated that her choice is not immediately accustomed to the fact that she has a special gift. Victoria Raydos: “After what happened in my life, hurt me no more

      “It was not easy. He took my powers at once, but first I treated this lightly, ” said the witch. – Or rather didn’t understand how serious this is in my life. As soon as he realized the extent of the presence of magic in my life, it’s getting harder to accept it, but at the same time it has strengthened our relationship and heightened love. Our daughter is too small to say for it do not want.”

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