Victoria Raydos: “car crash will not solve the problem on the loan, and the Shake will break up with Cooper.”

Виктория Райдос: «Заворотнюк не решит проблемы по кредиту, а Шейк расстанется с Купером» The star of “the battle of psychics” made a prediction for the summer specially for the readers of “StarHit”. Victoria Raydos talked about where to go on holiday, when to get married, and told what to expect of celebrities.
Виктория Райдос: «Заворотнюк не решит проблемы по кредиту, а Шейк расстанется с Купером»

The winner of the 16th season of the show “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos this summer plans to travel with her daughter and husband.

“We’re going to Japan, – has shared with “StarHit” Victoria. – I want to visit several cities. Will do a report on Instagram. This country is especially interesting to me because there is Holy worship ancestors.”


“Babies born this summer will be different prudent and pragmatic character. If we talk about planning, the issues of conception it is best to do in June. These children will grow up cheerful, are interested in art – said Victoria Raydos. – It is possible that they will choose a creative profession. Children conceived in July, will be hard-working and demanding, their ideal place of work – the civil service.

“August comrades” are especially clever and witty, they have a chance to take leadership positions.”

Виктория Райдос: «Заворотнюк не решит проблемы по кредиту, а Шейк расстанется с Купером»


“This summer I do not recommend to fly to Turkey and Africa. The overall energy background in these countries is poor. Well to be Italy, Spain and the Crimea. But even going there, always be on the lookout: any journey can be fraught with danger. Remember that perfume kind of always help and give advices. Another question – do we hear them.

If you purchase a tour, you are faced with some difficulties- for example, late for a meeting with the operator, once your booking is not confirmed, then try to listen to my intuition.

In General, I do not foresee major disasters. August will still be energetically difficult month. By this time, the people who have not been on vacation, especially tired and lose focus. Hence, the accident and emergency”.
Виктория Райдос: «Заворотнюк не решит проблемы по кредиту, а Шейк расстанется с Купером»


“July is the best time for new novels, rendezvous with the moon. The main thing is to be open to receiving energies and do not hesitate to consult with relatives. Couples who’ve been together a while, have a chance to register the relationship. Marriage recommend in June or August. But some will have to work on your relationship.

Footballer Dmitry Tarasov is unlikely to make an offer hands and hearts sweetheart Anastasia Kostenko. Dmitry needs a girl more modest, he always comes on the same rake, choosing bright beauties. Now both need to stop competing with each other.
Виктория Райдос: «Заворотнюк не решит проблемы по кредиту, а Шейк расстанется с Купером»

Not everything went smoothly, the couple of ex-participants of the project “Dom-2″ Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev. If Vika starts to restrain emotions, conflicts will be much less. Alas, this summer the collapse of the doomed Union model Irina Shayk and actor Bradley Cooper. Ira married a second time and give birth to another child”.


“Normal weather this summer, unfortunately, will stand just about a month. Advised to lean on apples best product for energy and recovery. The main thing – carefully wash them. Not foresee the poisoning of seasonal fruits. The danger comes from other products. Carefully read the labels and see the expiration date. In General, summer is an auspicious time for relaxation and stabilization of psychological health. Plenty walk, breathe the fresh air.

From TV presenter Dana Borisova, which has admitted that she has problems with illegal substances, it is possible to get rid of the dependence. I’m not so sure that it will be able to solve the problem the first time, it will take several years. It is important that daughter Pauline was there with Dana and kept the mother.”
Виктория Райдос: «Заворотнюк не решит проблемы по кредиту, а Шейк расстанется с Купером»


“The best time to resolve monetary issues – August. But large, expensive purchases are best left to autumn. The mortgage can be taken only if you are sure that you will be able to pay and insure in the event of job loss. Must be a sideline.

In a very bad situation with a mortgage loan got Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Despite the fact that the actress is trying to settle with the Bank, this summer, her problem is not solved, it will require at least a couple of years.

If you want to invest in their own business, I recommend to choose the sphere with the feminine energy, for example, such as clothing, beauty salon, beauty services… And those who are already engaged in a similar business will be successful. For example, TV presenter Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina quite successfully promote their own brands of clothing. Feel the positive trend in the development of their activities.

Do not rush to change jobs in the warm period. Better to go on vacation. Hardest thing to have accountants. This summer will close many organizations, and, for unknown reasons. CEOs suggest to work honestly, otherwise you can not avoid trouble”.