Виктория Райдос назвала сына древнееврейским именем The witch became a mother in early March. Victoria Raydos and her family chose the name Zachary, it is translated as “remembrance of God” or simply “man”. According to star “the battle of psychics”, it does not plan to sit a long time in the decree.
Виктория Райдос назвала сына древнееврейским именем

The witch of Petersburg, who won the sixteenth season of “the battle of psychics”, on March 7 became a mother for the second time. Victoria gave birth to a son. The weight of the baby -3870, g, growth – 53 see As mother and baby feel good, after the holidays they have been discharged from perinatal center. Victoria met her husband Vasili and the eldest daughter Barbara. The star of the TV show said that they have already managed to choose a name for a boy.

“We decided not to name his son in honor of someone. I liked the combination of Zakhar Vasilievich, on this and stopped. In different interpretations the name is translated as “remembrance of God” or simply “man”. I don’t plan to stay in the decree, in April, will return to work,” says Raydos “StarHit”.

Victoria foresaw that she budetary child. Officially, pregnancy, witches became known in but yabré last year. However, until the ninth month Victoria has continued to hold seminars in different cities of Russia, and also starred in the project “Psychics. Battle of the fittest” which goes on TNT. At the doctor’s when she did the ultrasound, she already knew the sex of the baby. Recall, Vic and Basil has a daughter Barbara. The girl had long dreamed that she had a brother or sister, and finally her wish was fulfilled.

As he told Victoria, she prefers that the house was commanded by her husband. “The husband takes major decisions – shared witch. – When I’m at home, doing all the female things: cook, clean, wash. We make decisions together regarding education Vary, but in our family routine so that the Pope is more authoritative than mothers. That is, if the Pope did not allow something, then no one to ask”.