Victoria Raydos almost suffered during the filming

Виктория Райдос едва не пострадала во время съемок The witch took part in the new season of the show “Psychics are investigating”. The arrival of the star caused an unprecedented boom. Due to large crowds, and the medium was almost lost contact with the spirits.
Виктория Райдос едва не пострадала во время съемок

The program “Psychics lead the investigation” incredibly popular. In the first issue of the new season, viewers had the opportunity to observe the work of Alexander Sheps and Victoria Raydos in the village of morozivka Rossoshanskiy district. In the local house of culture for many years there were unexplained things.

However, the successful investigation of experienced mediums throughout the day interfered with their loyal fans. The appearance of the Sheps and Raydos created a furor, and many fans of the psychics came to Morozovka from the neighboring towns and villages. A crowd at his heels followed the Victoria, not only making it difficult to work, but also threatening her health.

“The crowd was unruly, impossible to work. They hurt me terribly,” he complained Raydos.
Виктория Райдос едва не пострадала во время съемок

The young woman repeatedly asked fans to disperse, but a minute later they again surrounded her tight ring. Alexander Sheps complained of similar difficulties. Residents and guests of the village Morozovka just did not give him a pass, regularly asking questions about the past and the future.

Psychics managed to find out that the house of culture in the past was a Church and nearby is a small cemetery. These restless souls, according to the Sheps and Raydos, disturb local residents.

For exorcism Victoria and Alexander went to the cemetery, and the crowd, of course, headed for them.

“I felt anger and rage from powerlessness. People do not see dead people, do not realize that they are dissolved among them. They risk their lives and climb on the rampage,” said Victoria Raydos.
Виктория Райдос едва не пострадала во время съемок

Alexander Sheps warned people that their continued presence may be dangerous to health. He asked the mothers to take the children home, but many of them continued to watch.

Later, when the investigation was over, Alexander has complained that incredibly tired. A psychic was answering questions from fans, but the number of people willing to talk to him did not decrease. In the end, he spent on the set many hours personally talking with dozens of fans.

Victoria Raydos also decided to help people out of the crowd. She even held a ceremony with a woman in whose family there have been several tragedies in a row. Residents of the village of morozivka was shocked by what he saw, and many of them recognized the existence of psychic abilities of both participants.