Victoria Raydos afraid that the daughter took over her gift

Виктория Райдос боится, что дочь переняла ее дар The winner of “Battle of psychics” and the participant of the new season of “Psychics lead the investigation” concerned for the heiress. She is worried about what terrible powers manifest her baby. In the morning the witch deals with spirits to activate the forces of the dead.
Виктория Райдос боится, что дочь переняла ее дар

The winner of the 16th season of the show “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos told about how to call these spirits and that someone helps her with her work. The psychic also told that unwilling daughter of a fate witch.

“A required energy and must to come from somewhere. One such place is the cemetery. So in the morning I usually go there to negotiate with the spirits. And what is to negotiate? To activate the power of the dead man, and then I was asking the spirits to bring the spirit of the tribal system of the client or someone close to him. And can already hear it,” shared Raydos.

Victoria noted that he heard during the arrival of the Ghost is not someone else’s voice, and his thoughts. The parents of the witches are used to working daughter. However, Raidos not want her child adopted magical abilities.

“I would not want my children to do what I do. Sometimes to see what I see, extremely difficult. I am grateful to my generic system, a higher power that I have quite a strong mentality, although I initially doubted it,” said Victoria.

According to a hereditary witch, during her pregnancy dead grandma stopped coming in visions. Then Victoria began to fear, whose soul is embodied in daughter Barbara.

“I’m afraid for it. But while any striking manifestations of my abilities my daughter, fortunately, no. I hope that the basic resources it will take from the clan of her husband, although she looks like me. Everything will be clear in 18 years, as it was with me,” said Raydos.

Var four and a half years, she’s agile and precocious smart. As recognized Raydos, the heiress is growing very artistic girl, perhaps her job would be connected with some creativity. According to Victoria, it is difficult to look into the future of your family and friends. However, she already knows, when parents die, as she will have more children and husbands.

“A magical work difficult is not waving a candle and dance. And I understand that at some point I can say to myself: “All right, enough, enough! I want to live!” But while I’m passionate about,” said the witch.

The winner of “Battle of psychics” in conflict with her husband only because of work. “I understand that, choosing, acting overly selfish, but the only way I feel alive. While I produce efficiency, I’ll live. I know the date of his death. Yes… That’s such a difficult situation,” – said Rados in conversation with