Виктория Ланевская презентовала песню «Счастья Островок»
Russian singer Victoria Ranevskaya pleased their listeners with a new summer hit “Happy Island” , which appeared on the Internet July 22, 2016.

Виктория Ланевская презентовала песню «Счастья Островок»

“We are so amazing country, beautiful nature, forests, fields, rivers, lakes that I have long wanted to sing a song about it! Thanks to the author – Victoria Knyazeva, which is very thin to feel all the beauty of our Russian nature and gave her the poem and melody. Often urban life, the works, vanity is so absorb us that the only way out is to drop everything and go on vacation to the village to gather berries, mushrooms, swim in the river, enjoy the aroma of wild flowers… This is the real freedom of the soul! And let everyone find their “Happy Island”!”

– said Victoria Ranevskaya.

Listen new hit popular actress in the Internet and on the radio stations of the city.

Or on Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=g8mMRS9GShg

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