Victoria Parnikovoy want to take away the child

У Виктории Берниковой хотят отобрать ребенка The former participant “Houses-2” complained about the new behavior of the sweetheart’s ex-husband Leonid Kaminskogo. According to Victoria Bernikova, this time she received threats from lady ex-spouse. The brunette regularly terrorize their calls.
У Виктории Берниковой хотят отобрать ребенка

26-year-old star of “House-2” Victoria Parnikovoy complicated relationship with her ex-husband Leonid Plainskin. According to the woman, he poisons her life. The brunette complained about the behavior of ex-lover “StarHit” and said he was threatening her.

Recently Victoria has once again reported that the man is stopping her to live in peace. According to Bernikova, this time terrorizing her new fiancee Plainsboro. Being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, the rings a former member of the reality show and says he wants to take her baby Lion. Victoria is shocked by such defiance sweetheart Plainsboro.

“Tonight two companions did not give sleep to my child and me, calling and threatening to take my son to the education. This Mademoiselle is the new girlfriend of my ex. She gathered her courage “under the green serpent” send me your pics and call with your number. What do you think, can we trust the child to such a father?” asked Bernikov from followers.
У Виктории Берниковой хотят отобрать ребенка

Subscribers brunette supported her numerous comments. According to them, the ex-lover of the stars of the reality show is extremely ugly acts against Victoria and a common son. Followers Parnikovoy also criticized the behavior of the second half Plainsboro. “Sue, let him be deprived of parental rights”, “horror”, “power to you. Take care of yourself and son,” “He her, and himself with you… It is what he said”, “Nightmare”, “You deserve the best! And Leonid once again showed that he is not a man”, “So people are scared to give the child”, “block”, “Why do we need such a father?” “Tin” – discussing social media users.

Earlier Bernikov Vic said “StarHit” that was forced to leave the business and move to another city because of the ex-spouse. The reality star is going to make Plasynski couldn’t even get close to her son. At the moment the woman finds out with a lawyer. “We had a serious conflict, I took the statement more than once, because I trusted him. He shouted and swore that they will no longer raise a hand. However, after giving birth, I lay with brain injury. It was repeated repeatedly,” – shared Bernikov.

According to brunette, her child could not sleep. Life together with Leonid Victoria called “hell.” “If I were suicidal, then I would have stayed with him,” commented the woman. The star of “House-2” Victoria Bernikov about the threats to ex-wife: “I lived in hell”