Victoria Makarska watches for the groom’s three year old daughter

Виктория Макарская присматривает жениха для трехлетней дочки The singer began to think about the future son-in-law. Victoria Makarska planning their children’s future and dreams that happen to be sweethearts.

      Виктория Макарская присматривает жениха для трехлетней дочки

      The star couple Anton and Victoria Makarska older two are adorable and such long-awaited kids. Eldest daughter of the spouses Masha, which for three years, was born in the fourteenth year of the marriage of Anton and Victoria. Two years later the couple gave birth to a second child, a son Vanya. The kids have completely changed the lives of their parents, making them incredibly happy people.

      Despite the fact that children in Makarska are very young, like many moms and dads of babies, they quite often think about what will happen when their son and daughter become adults. Star mother Victoria Makarska being a man of faith said he’s already praying for the children in my life met a decent second halves. “Now pray that God gave the beloved son-in-law, became like a son to us, and good daughter-in-law, became mother to us!” – shared his thoughts with followers of a microblog Victoria Makarska, posting a picture of my daughter with a boy named Eric.

      Виктория Макарская присматривает жениха для трехлетней дочки

      As explained later in the review Victoria, Eric just goes with Masha in one kindergarten, and doesn’t groom their adorable baby girl. Some followers of the singer, read this post, immediately began to crowd into relatives to Makarska, offering Victoria to consider the nominations of their children for future roles SATA and daughters-in-law. “We have a growing bride Vanya! Milena 6 months”, “I don’t really understand! What Erica? Like all long agreed with parents Mexico”, “Wait! Masha we’ve already lost, but miss the bride still have the chance to give birth , so, Vikul, reserving a place”, – these humorous comments leave fans of Anton and Victoria Makarska.

      To intermarry with this well-known family in which the atmosphere of love and understanding, probably, would like many. It is obvious that children will grow Makarska wonderful people, because their parents not just love, but also show wise approaches to their education. Victoria, for example, tries to think through every step and even reaction to certain things. She had long since forbidden himself to shout at the children, except that son and daughter will begin to copy bad manners. In addition, star mom very often divided in the microblog his observations on the upbringing of Masha and Vanya, and they always prove to be very valuable for podpiski.

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