Victoria Makarska urged followers to stop whining

Виктория Макарская призвала подписчиков перестать ныть
The star doesn’t like when people constantly complain about their lives.

Victoria Makarska is actively microblog in Instagram. Here, the star shares a few details of his personal life, talks about parenting and gives advice to subscribers. At this time, Victoria admitted that she was tired of listening to constant complaints of life from their fans.

Victoria Makarska

Photo: Instagram Victoria Makarska

Makarska shared a rather candid post: “Good morning, dear! Get a lot of letters. Read it yet, but probably will soon cease. Explain to me, my dear, and not very healthy guys, how can you complain about life? Why under any circumstances need to whine? Money is Noi that few to a new apartment. No money – don’t want to understand that it is necessary to be content with what we have, and credit score don’t need to envy others, to live “not worse”. What we are not ungrateful… the ungrateful man is always unhappy. Because, in fact, simply jealous of others that they, look, so-and-so and does not know how to appreciate what he has. Never smiles! Simple things if you don’t learn to enjoy – as well as any material goods, in any quantity, then to delight our souls will not. And don’t try to convince a woman with 13 years, proplyvaya beds for 30 rubles at the Botanic garden, on vacation as a nanny, and that happily mopping the floors at the post office, and was an excellent student. And in Moscow, in GITIS received itself, not through connections. (I write not to brag, but just anticipating comments like “fed no one is hungry”) Please type in YouTube: Vladimir Golovin ” How to build a happy life.” The answers to all our questions. Stop whining! Take a look around. Have eyes? Not blind? Thank God!!!”.

Members agreed with Victoria and admitted that actually, each person creates his own destiny.

Meanwhile, we will remind that recently Victoria Makarska found her father, whom she had not seen for 31 years.

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