Victoria Makarska told how to achieve the perfect press

Виктория Макарская рассказала, как добиться идеального пресса
The singer shared the recipe for a slim figure.

Victoria Makarska


Victoria Makarska, a mother of two children, always carefully watching their
figure. As soon as it begins to lose shape immediately takes action, as
believes that it is impossible to run the situation. The singer has listed products, adding,
what’s coming for them on the market, which in these times is her diet: “I Buy
celery and parsley (excellent remove excess fluid from the body), cucumber and
any types of salads (was milled in a large bowl and eat during the day), pumpkin (you can
just preparity it in the pan, you can push the pumpkin juice too
excellent swelling)”.

Victoria also shared the recipe for Breakfast for her
the expression that perfectly removes “naity over the winter pot belly” for the week: “evening
pour in a large Cup of yogurt and mix it with 3 tablespoons of raw
buckwheat, which is a night filled with moisture”.

Makarska has always stressed that any beauty recipes and
harmony is incompatible with Smoking, otherwise, she said, all the rest
useless. And in the morning on an empty stomach drink 2 cups of water with a granule sea salt
a break of 10 minutes. And only eats what her body, which itself
knows how he needs to eat.