Victoria Makarska spoke harshly on the topic of abortion

Виктория Макарская жестко высказалась на тему абортов The actress believes that this procedure – a real murder. According to Victoria Makarska, Russia is to ban abortion. She called women who decided on such an operation, soulless.

      During the current week in the media hotly debated topic of the prohibition of abortion in our country. For this initiative expressed by some members of the government. According to the Senator Elena Mizulina, after the abortion the woman and her family will struggle with guilt. At the same time, the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation considers that it is necessary in the country to ban the baby boxes – the boxes in the perinatal centers where they can leave their children mothers who understand that will not be able to give them a normal life.

      Internet users already that day to discuss the initiative made by the representative of the government. Russian celebrities also are unable to stay away. Actress Victoria Makarska, which grow daughter Mary and son Joe, shared his point of view on the topic of the growing number of abortions in the country.

      “Cattle are cattle, destined for slaughter. We must admit to ourselves that our society for decades spiritless life is slowly but surely becoming cattle. Without a future. Therefore, the indignant squeals of the fact that female killers constantly kill their children, begin to die in clandestine abortions, do not make sense. Soulless man, regardless of the level of literacy and availability of money, without the awareness of his sin and repentance, is already dead. You cannot kill the dead. It’s scary to watch,” wrote the star on the page in a social network.

      According to the Makarska, the media promotes abortion as publish articles that conceived a child – “bunch of cells”. She expressed support for the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, who began collecting signatures for a ban on abortion. “We’re neck-deep in the blood of our murdered Russian children”, – such words has finished his post actress.

      The opinions of the subscribers of Victoria was divided. “I agree that from the moment of conception the child has the right to be born. Do not agree that abortion should be banned to all and completely. We need a system, more strict, elaborate,” “But the prohibition of abortion in our country are absolutely not an option. This will cause only an increase in the clandestine operations in the nightmarish conditions that will kill and maim women”, “Russia wants to remove the baby-boxes, if you ban abortion, you baby-boxes can not be removed, they should be in each city for negligent mothers”, “I’m just a little scared for those children, nurtured by women, where people do not call,” – said users of the social network.

      Recall that in Russia abortion is allowed by law. Such operations are financed from the state budget. If the pregnancy is not more than 12 weeks, the procedure can be carried out at the request of the woman.