Victoria Makarska spoke about the miraculous salvation of a loved person

Виктория Макарская рассказала о чудесном спасении близкого человека
In the star family keep the memory of their ancestors.

Виктория Макарская рассказала о чудесном спасении близкого человека

Victoria and Anton Makarsky

Photo: Facebook Victoria Makarska

On the eve of the Victory Day, many celebrities took part
in the action “Immortal regiment” and shared memories of their loved ones. Amazing
story told Victoria Makarska on the great-grandfather of her husband — Yakov Lvovich
Kaplan, who was long thought killed during the war.

“Grandma Asya three times received
funerals grandpa. And did not believe that he was killed. She received a letter from a friend,
in the hospital train, he seems to have seen the Yasha. Completely paralyzed,
shell-shocked. “Asya, it is possible to know only by sight!” — says family
the history of Victoria. — The train was passing through Sverdlovsk, where in the evacuation
my grandmother lived with two young children: 6-year-old Misha and leney, a year and a half, and even with the goat Sinkou that
helped them to survive. At the station she came with the children and told Mike: “Scream
loud to give dad!” Anton’s grandfather — the future people’s artist of Russia —
remembers that screaming and crying so that the head of the train gave the wounded, without
documents, deda Yasha contrary to all the rules, then they are on the sled took
daddy home. Grandma was completely out of his grandfather. First, he began to move
with your fingers, then gradually began to walk. As a result, after the war were born
two children: son Bob and daughter Dina. Great-grandfather Anton was raised, so my husband
never leave food in the plate, and eats bread crumbs from the table, assembling them
hand, as did the survivors of famine and war great-grandfather Yasha”.

Great-Grandfather Anton Makarska — Yakov Lvovich Kaplan

Photo: Facebook Victoria Makarska

Fought on the front and grandpa
Victoria’s paternal — Nikolay Morozov. “I remember after
parade you took the medals in the normal t-shirt sat behind the Desk, a hand
was covered, so we, the kids, not scared tears, and sat so long, one and
crying quietly.
It was always so when he came that Day. “Body
grandfather to pieces, the doctor was afraid to touch them, and left,” said grandma. Me
small, so it was interesting! How so? “Grandpa, give me a kiss, and you can
to touch the pieces?” My grandpa was crying, drinking vodka and crying… “is this
fragments, Rimma? Here heart — broken. And it’s nothing, just a piece of iron,
touch, not sorry…”