Victoria Makarska sees in her daughter’s talent dancers

Виктория Макарская не видит в своей дочери таланта танцовщицы
The singer told what is interested in her five year old daughter.

Виктория Макарская не видит в своей дочери таланта танцовщицы

Victoria Makarska

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Victoria Makarska often shares with fans
information about his personal life. She especially likes to tell about the success
and the interests of their children. This time the Makarska boasted achievements of the five daughters of Mary.
The singer says that it’s very important to notice in your child’s talent and to use it properly. In any case it is not selfish to realize in children
what I would like to implement the parents, but for some reason couldn’t.

great-grandmother always said, “Our father attached great importance
careful monitoring capacities of the child. Every he managed
see personal talent and the right to direct its implementation in life. Someone
just learn sent, someone at 15 to be married or to marry. Could is
to identify children’s ability to craft or intellectual activities. Never
made a mistake,” says Makarska. — Masha
interested in scientific information, most of all her interesting books about medicine,
the structure of the human body and any information about the structure of planet Earth:
volcanoes, continents, rare animals, insects, Islands and waterfalls. And the dancing — is wonderful for little girls to be
sports and healthy. I now professionally
dancing Masha still will not. The worst is when parents
selfishly trying to implement in children what would be realized
personally, but for some reason couldn’t. It can break a child’s life”.

The Daughter Of Victoria Mary Makarska

Photo: Philip Goncharov