Victoria Makarska rid of colds with the power of thought

Виктория Макарская избавилась от простуды силой мысли
The actress said that he had recovered from the virus within a few hours.

Victoria Makarska

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Makarska told how he found a way,
allowing you to fight colds in a few hours. Method
unique in that it requires neither drugs nor even the people’s means of dealing with
virus. The singer is sure that often the disease can be overcome… only one force

“I woke up absolutely protoganda, cough, sore throat
and terrible migraines, — says the singer. But today’s speech on
very important concert to cancel does not. And suddenly my mind came the thought: “You know that the Spirit controls the body. Believe it!” Through the pain, got up, asked God about
assistance, and told the body: “You are a favorite, let’s urgently get well! You
a few hours.” Even if skeptical to call it autosuggestion,
the fact remains a fact: the Soul can control the body. Every cell and every
atom of our body! And the word is the most powerful energy in the world. I have healthy,
Thank God!”. Subscribers microblog Makarska, which she told this story to believe
her immediately and unconditionally.

Victoria and Anton Makarsky not just saying
interview how important role in their life is faith. She helped them
to give birth to children. “We c Vika dreamed of children from the first day of our joint
life, — said Anton. But confidently say that this is just the two of us
begged Masha and Vanya, you can’t. I believe that this miracle involved thousands of people
around the world who prayed for us and with us.”