Victoria Makarska returned from Italy with the “new face”

Виктория Макарская вернулась из Италии с «новым лицом»
44-year-old actress regained my youth.

Victoria Makarska

Photo: @makarskie Instagram

Anton Makarsky recently released the wife of an extraordinary journey. Victoria spent a week in Tuscany, where a learned the basics of facelift. 44-year-old actress took an intensive course of rejuvenation and now shares his impressions from his beauty trip to Italy.

Victoria noticed results after the first practical exercises that were conducted by leading specialists in this field. She gave advice to all his fans: in order to learn the proper basics of lymphatic drainage massage and facelift need to communicate directly with the masters. “Don’t believe those who say that the technique of facelift and lymphatic drainage of the face can learn how video clips, girlfriend or books. It’s impossible though, because the structure of our faces and our skin is very different and any touch to the face, not to mention the muscle training requires an individual consultation and supervision by certified master — said Victoria. — Failure to observe even the slightest nuance in exercise will lead to the opposite effect: instead of wrinkles, you can quickly and easily amass a more. Anyone who decides to acquire skills in the techniques of facelift and lymphatic drainage, it is advised to learn this only under the supervision of an experienced master!”

In addition, Victoria has studied the art of creating homemade masks, which, from the point of view of the Makarska, proved to be more effective than “shop”. In confirmation of his words, she posted a photo without makeup and photoshop. Fans noticed that Victoria returned from Italy noticeably transform. In addition to rejuvenation, receiving valuable knowledge, Victoria had to travel another bonus: she’s a little rested from their “mamsky” responsibilities. The last five years and his wife worked that supermom. Day and night she takes care of two young children — five-year-old Mary and two-year Ivan and actively travels with her husband on tour.