Виктория Макарская нарушила запрет мужа
The singer shocked the subscribers of the “rules of conduct” from their spouse.

Victoria Makarska

Photo: @makarskie Instagram

Looking for the family of Anton Makarsky no one raise the question of “who’s the boss?” The actor is conservative and I am sure that the wife should unconditionally to obey her husband. Victoria adheres to a strict set of rules, which, as it turned out, the failure from the use of lipstick. Such a trifle as the painted lips of the couple can bring Anton out. Recently Victoria behind her husband went to the store, where they were presented with a cosmetic, and made the purchase.

Victoria told how to secretly lipstick new lipstick and even managed to take a selfie before the moment when Anton noticed the “hooligan” trick wife. “Never wear lipstick, Anton does not permit, he believes he has the right at any time to kiss his own wife. Well, at least I’ll try. Lipstick in the dressing room, while her husband came and wiped, girls, come on let’s see how you like the lipstick? Or I’m so ugly and gross?” — worried Victoria.

The fans were very surprised by the recognition of Victoria. Some of them compared the 44-year-old Makarska with a teenage girl who paints her lips a secret from parents. Some publication wife of Anton provoked ridicule, others alarmed, scared third… Surprisingly, this topic received heated discussion in the Network. However, we note that the publication appeared in the microblog of the family of Makarska, which have access to both spouses. So if the picture is not yet removed, but Victoria is not severely reprimanded, it is possible to assume that Victoria is somewhat exaggerated degree “of tyranny” in the house.