Виктория Макарская едва не умерла ради детей The wife of the famous actor has gone through a difficult period. Victoria and Anton Makarsky for a long time could not become parents. The woman had to go through a lot to experience the joy of motherhood.

Victoria and Anton Makarsky – are an example to follow. The couple are raising two children, and also demonstrates to others that the years of marriage the love of relations nikuda not going away. However, they had to go through a lot to become happy. About 13 years, Victoria could not conceive. She tried many ways. Some of them were dangerous to health.

“I have to say: EKO was not. Surrogate mothers too. Before that I was in Moscow two IVF attempts, during which I almost died. Then came the turning point of our life, when Anton decided to trust in God. Began to pray, canceled IVF in Israel, and six months later I became pregnant with Mary. And two years later appeared van. This two begged of the child. Doctors to their appearance are irrelevant. It really is a miracle” – said Victoria.

Now the Makarska often share photos with the kids and talk about how to solve any issues that arose in their family. As recognized by Victoria, she always goes to meet her husband.

“Three days ago, we lie with Anton in bed, and I said, “my Joy, here we have a soon to be 19 years of marriage. And we still love each other.” And I, all frightened: 10 years, pull each other go. Then I said: here 20 years and all… And we somehow deeper and deeper it becomes,” said the wife of the popular actor.

According to the artist, she wants her children to study science. Masha is interested in medicine, and James reads a lot about reptiles and insects. But, even if the children want to become actors, parents will support them.

As told to Victoria in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, her husband was never jealous of each other. But sometimes she was scared for their future. “Sometimes it seemed to me that our relations are deadlocked. The situation was absolutely hopeless from a human point of view. In these situations, the most stupid thing you can do to start feeling sorry for myself. This is a false path “to nowhere.” As soon as I tried to look at yourself through the eyes of a loved one, I felt very sorry for him… Just because anyone is not bad. There is always a reason. To find the cause in ourselves, to humble ourselves and put pride far away is my way to real family happiness, to a real, lasting relationships and respect for each other,” said Instagram Victoria.