Victoria Lopyreva took the brunt of the fault of Fedor Smolov

Виктория Лопырева приняла на себя удар по вине Федора Смолова
The model lashed out with accusations because of the failure of the player.

Виктория Лопырева приняла на себя удар по вине Федора Смолова

Fedor Smolov


Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: @lopyrevavika (Instagram Victoria Lopyreva)

Victoria Lopyreva yesterday arrived in Sochi to support the Russian team in the match against the team of Croatia at the world Cup. Victoria, like everyone, hoped for the victory of the national team. She actively rooting on the podium and even cried from happiness when the Russian players managed to level the score. Then came the penalty shootout, where Fyodor Smolova happened fatal failure.

Ex-boyfriend of Victoria along with Mario Hernandez was unable to convert his penalty, depriving the team of a chance to win. After this Smolov barrage of criticism from the fans. Got lopyrevoy, which, as Theodore and made fun of in social media for the loss. “Your Smolov ruined everything”, “Fyodor merged team, your ex complete zero”, “Smolov is a disgrace to our team. Does with models to meet and shoot for gloss”, “Smolowe the victory is not needed, as vetch. It is important to get paid”, “your Smolova we lost!” — writing Network, Victoria. And although the couple broke up a few years ago, Victoria has indirectly placed part of the blame for what happened yesterday.

Fedor after the match could not recover. And then made a comment for journalists, in which he told that it is not plagued by pangs of conscience. “Do not disavow responsibility for the penalty kick. I want to say only that in my head now the words of Michael Jordan. Said after retiring. “I am many thousands of times was taken to strike a decisive throw. And often not implemented”. I’m sure I will be able to extract much of this situation”, — quotes Fyodor