Victoria Lopyreva hinted at imminent marriage

Виктория Лопырева намекнула на скорое замужество TV presenter and model is beautiful decoration on the ring finger. Whether it’s an engagement ring, she prefers not to tell. Fans of the Victoria Lopyreva build different guesses.

      Виктория Лопырева намекнула на скорое замужество

      TV presenter, model and the winner of the title “Miss Russia” 32-year-old Victoria Lopyreva recently made their fans pretty smash his head. The girl has published in his Instagram a photo where you can see an impressive ring on her ring finger, a massive stone inlaid turquoise.

      Subscribers lopyrevoy began to wonder: is the ring indicates that she received a proposal of marriage. And if so, who is a beloved beauty. “Gorgeous ring”, “This proposal? Or just a gift?”, “An expensive ring and an expensive girlfriend”, “What is this?”, — wrote the star fans. Could not resist the comment and friend Victoria Olga Buzova. “The most delicious restaurant! Sing for me the octopus and shrimp in a lemon” — expressed their emotions popular blonde. What Lopyreva replied: “Eat you salad quesnoy and the beet”. But that means her new gorgeous ring, she decided not to speak, apparently thinking to intrigue your fans.

      Now Victoria is located in Dubai. Lately the girl is a frequent visitor there, as she is the official face of one of the festival and leading works on it. The restaurant in which she took a picture — one of the most fashionable places in the UAE, it is tastefully decorated in the French style.

      With regard to the personal life of beauty, she prefers not to dwell on it. Last year Lopyreva parted with the player Fedor Smolovik. There were no signs of their separation: lovers are continuously talked in an interview about their feelings for each other and share joint photos on social networks, which looked very happy. After the model made a statement that it no more connected with Smolovik in her Instagram, she literally broke the phone, according to her.

      Lopyreva later confessed the reasons for his action. As it turned out, it did not suit the infantile lover. “It is more interested in social networks and beautiful cars. He’s a good guy, but, alas, we don’t. I sincerely wish him good health and the realization of all his career plans!”, commented the blonde break their relationship with a player on social networks.

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