Victoria Lopyreva boasted a diamond ring for five million

Виктория Лопырева похвасталась кольцом с бриллиантом за пять миллионов The model hinted at the imminent marriage. In recognition of the celebrity, decoration she presented a new choice. However, she prefers not to rush things. However, Lopyreva no secret that happy with.

      Civil marriage of Victoria and lopyrevoy footballer Fyodor Smolova lasted only three years. In 2015, the couple announced the breakup. After that, the former lovers tried to maintain friendly relations. Lopyreva sincerely rejoices in the achievements of the athlete. Note that the celebrity does not want to revive the old feelings for Frank. On the contrary, Ambassador of the 2018 world Cup is building new relationships. Recently, Victoria’s boyfriend gave her a ring with a diamond weighing five carats for several million rubles. Thus, a woman fueled rumors about the imminent marriage.

      Victoria Lopyreva talked about new novel

      Surrounded by lopyrevoy say that her choice is one of Russia’s richest men, who was older lover for 14 years. But the presenter is in no hurry to declassify the satellite, and also not call his name and does not share other details of the novel. However, she admits that spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, because she wants to please her man.

      “So tired to dress up, you have no idea. All the time you need to surprise, amaze some outfit. Surprise your boyfriend every day,” admitted telediva in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe.”

      It should be noted that Victoria is in no hurry to make loud statements. She believes that the stamp in the passport is the main one, because, first and foremost, a celebrity concerned about the attitude of the beloved to her. “I don’t want to plan too far ahead, I prefer to enjoy the moment,” said the presenter. By the way, Lopyreva is not deprived of attention from the boyfriend. Last summer she had two months to live in France, and then to go on vacation to Greece, where she was able to go on a few expensive resorts. In addition, the star constantly hatstats luxurious gifts that her favorite presents.

      Lopyreva admits that she’s satisfied with her current situation. Sure celebrity doesn’t want to reveal all the details of his novel, because she is afraid of unnecessary conversations. She has repeatedly admitted that after the break with Fedor Smolov are not ready to submit for discussion their relationship. “I have already once burned, I no longer need,” said Victoria. Environment teledive says that soon she will find happiness by tying the knot with her new chosen one.