Виктория Джастис раскрывает тайны своей фигуры

Виктория Джастис раскрывает тайны своей фигуры

Victoria justice looks better than ever. The culprit that she believes her sister, which was developed especially for her effective new workout program. Which she does on a regular basis, with all their zeal.
Victoria justice, 26 years old, is preparing to eat all of their meals during the upcoming holidays because she found an impressive training regimen that helps her stay in shape despite her addiction to various hazards and sweets!
Stunning actress and singer told about it in exclusive interview to one of editions, during a visit to the gala concert of amfAR, which was held at Milk Studio in Los Angeles, California, October 10. She spoke about her experience in hot yoga, the exercise of which her sister developed a very long time for her, considering all her options, daily routine and eating habits. Victoria claims that implicitly carries out all the prescribed tasks, even when she has hard days and do not want to.

Виктория Джастис раскрывает тайны своей фигуры“Thanks to my sister and I discovered hot yoga”, she said in an interview. “So yeah, it’s complicated. It was really none of my business at the beginning of my journey. And I’m still sometimes in the classroom, and I think: “Why am I doing this? Why am I here now?” But when, after
I feel much better than them, I understand that it was not in vain. It so happens that I have to stop training and just go, as the exercises require maximum muscle relaxation. And there are days when I am not able to do it.”

Hot yoga will be useful to Victoria since before Thanksgiving just over a month. She told us not too worry about how to gain weight by eating all your favorite foods, because it “often works”. “For me it is important that diligent training, I
just ate whatever I want,” she said. So she plans to eat this year? “My favorite food for Thanksgiving is a nice fat rib stuffed with garlic or other interesting toppings”, she said. “And I really love pies, all without exception. One of my most favorite is pumpkin pie. But when in my house there is chocolate cream pie from him, I never refuse.”

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