Victoria Isakova learned to breathe under water

Виктория Исакова научилась дышать под водой
Almost every day for two hours, the actress spends in the pool.

Victoria Isakova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Almost every day for two hours Victoria spends in the pool. She will play in the movie legendary champion in free diving Natalia Molchanov, missing two years ago. “Victoria began training with basic skills, but after a month of hard work she is kept in the water like a real diver,” he praised the 41-year-old actress personal trainer. She said: “Hold your breath and stay long under water is not easy, but the process is very exciting.”

By the way, the husband of actress, film Director Yury Moroz,
very rarely attracted her to work in his films. Only once, a few years ago
he shot her in the lead role in the Thriller “the Inquisitor,” which Isakov
auditioned along with other candidates. “Reading the script, I
asked him to give me pass the audition, he agreed to try me, —
says Victoria. — Actually, this is some kind of illusion that samples may
be “not on a common basis”. In a normal film industry all
pass sample. Even if the script is written specifically for a specific
artist (rarely) — there are still samples. After all
the screen should be a connection of partners. Here I exist, and
there is another artist — wonderful, wonderful. We become
together in the frame, and it turns out that a couple of us on the screen will not occur.
Then the producers start to choose the partners and to the heroine and the hero.
Find and then choose who is more necessary for the project — hero or
character. The second “sacrifice”.