Victoria Isakov struck a dangerous virus

Викторию Исакову сразил опасный вирус
The actress is already a few days can not bring down a high temperature.

Victoria Isakova

Victoria Isakova two weeks before the New year
picked up a dangerous virus. The actress admitted that for the past few days lies
at home with a high fever, her unbearably sore throat, and a
a full range of other “nice” feelings that a person experiences, ill

“It’s not a pleasant one, — sad Victoria. — Some of our
the theater company already on the seas tans, and I lay that day with the tall
fever and sore throat. I wish you all health, it is important not to MOPE, to escape
all sorts of ways!” Fans of the star wished her to recover soon and be
order and traditionally filled with advice on how best to cope with the illness.

Moscow weather this winter put him to bed many artists. Not so long ago
Nikita Presnyakov, having caught a cold, nearly derailed the release of the album, the work of four
last year. “This is classic me! — complained the artist. — Left to finish
a couple of tracks and the album is ready, but got sick! The ligaments seem to end!” Nikita’s father — Vladimir Presnyakov — here
advised son against the cold, which quickly put him on his feet.
“Try this, really helps!” Nikita did so, and indeed
after a few days, was already “in service”.