Victoria Isakov admitted that monitors the work of Anastasia Volochkova

Виктория Исакова призналась, что следит за творчеством Анастасии Волочковой
The flamboyant dancer was again in the spotlight.

Виктория Исакова призналась, что следит за творчеством Анастасии Волочковой

Victoria Isakova

Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov

Виктория Исакова призналась, что следит за творчеством Анастасии Волочковой

Anastasia Volochkova after the premiere

Photo: @volochkova_art (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

One of the most successful dramatic Actresses of our generation,
prima capital’s Pushkin theatre Victoria Isakova surprised his friends. “I
signed in on the instagram Anastasia Volochkova. It’s what I’m thinking
last days…,” admitted the star of the series “the Thaw”.

Interest Isakova to the flamboyant dancer does not idle,
the days of 40-year-old Volochkova made her debut in the title role in the play “a man Came to
the woman” directed by Iosif Reichelgaus. It is this play, in which shone
Vera Alentova, Love Polischuk, Irina Alferova, the famous Director opened
once the first seasons in my theater “School of modern play”.

Choice Saw many perceived as a challenge. Favorite
tabloid Chronicles Volochkova — and suddenly a serious actress? But the Director says,
what with all the scandal and shock value it has a very large drama
potential. In any case, even while the critics quieted down after the first run,
which were held yesterday with great success — and really talk about it all
Moscow theater. That is why Victoria Isakov, which had no interest
this character, as Volochkova, was one of 276 thousand subscribers personal
blog of the ballerina (now a full-fledged actress).

Anastasia Volochkova and said Bagov

Photo: @volochkova_art (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

However, the Anastasia remains true to itself and delivers the food to
conversations concerning not only the drama and acting. Volochkova
admitted that their close relationship with a partner, a brutal actor said Baguim
went beyond the stage space — and we are talking about the new novel, stars! Fated to date the vicissitudes of personal life Volochkova now was Victoria Isakov, who hopes, perhaps, to find the answer — what is Anastasia in this outstanding,
her talent sings one of the best theatre Directors in the country.

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