Victoria Dayneko undressed after watching an erotic film

Виктория Дайнеко разделась после просмотра эротического фильма The singer shared his impressions from the acclaimed continue candid picture “Fifty shades of grey”. According to Victoria Daineko, a new tape is very good. The singer also admitted that he envied the courage of Dakota Johnson.

      Виктория Дайнеко разделась после просмотра эротического фильма

      Singer Victoria Dayneko rarely pleases fans with candid photos, but she made an exception. The actress published a black-and-white picture taken in the bathroom. It Dayneko posing completely naked.

      In his post, Vic has shared his opinion about the film “fifty shades darker” featuring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Erotic romance, filmed on the eponymous book by Erica James, has caused intense public debate. Resonant the film was even removed from the rental in Vladikavkaz.

      “I might be the only one who liked the new series “Fifty shades”. Periodically I had the impression a chick envy, but it was the only one of the negative emotions. No idea of the scale of courage Dakota, it’s necessary to decide on such explicit scenes, and then proudly to leave the room after the premiere. For a person who is in the locker room of a fitness club hiding from everyone, when dressed, at all the other reality”, – said the singer.
      Виктория Дайнеко разделась после просмотра эротического фильма

      Some fans Victoria Daineko agreed with her point of view. According to them, the new film, which tells about the relationship of Anastacia Steele and Christian grey, was pretty good. “I also liked the second part, looking forward to continue”, “the Film was shot almost entirely on the book, Yesterday I watched in the cinema, emotions are running high,” “Want to review this movie”, “Support. “Female” painting look”, “I Agree, it was really cool”, “I do not understand when people begin to criticize “50 ottenkov”. Not a masterpiece, but it is an interesting spectacle with beautiful actors and a fascinating story” – discussing the followers of the artist.

      Note that Victoria often shares with fans his thoughts on a particular occasion. Earlier, the singer has reflected on the subject of plastic surgery. The singer admitted that he did not understand girls who choose to change their appearance. “As you look at a stranger every day? When the medication I had swollen face for three months I couldn’t look in the mirror. And like all anything, but when you do not recognize yourself in the reflection, and watch do not want to… And when the effect is permanent, as people with this live? Very curious,” – shared the actress.