Виктория Дайнеко обратилась за помощью к психотерапевту
The singer has not the most successful period in his personal life.

Photo: Instagram

In the past year, personal life of Victoria Dayneko makes fans of particular interest. Last summer it became known that in her family with Dmitry Kleiman, there has been a crisis. In autumn, young parents officially divorced, followed by long months of their recriminations in the Network and Presse. Everyone was saying how bad it was to live together, thanking for the gift of emotions and, of course, a wonderful daughter Lida, soon to be three years.

On the eve of his 31st anniversary Vic told fans that she had a boyfriend. Fans were happy for the singer and wished her happiness with a new lover. But probably something went wrong. Recently Daineko wrote a sad post about love, and after him no hint of the new man in social networks did not appear…

While Dayneko continues to delight fans with his good humor. Fans are wondering how can you stay positive when your personal life is constantly occurring failures. The singer revealed the secret, how she manages.

“I regularly visit a therapist, to sorrow no time left!” — told the star.

Fashion psychologists and therapists finally got to Russia. Today, a huge number of people (unfortunately only in big cities) get professional help. According to statistics, psychologists treat people with a high standard of living, income average or above average, higher education and position in the service. Therapists help to understand yourself, to live to the end of all the negative situations in life and adjust my attitude to one problem or another, not to repeat mistakes in the future.