Виктория Дайнеко рассказала, когда у нее родится второй ребенок
The singer has shared plans for the future.

Photo: Instagram

Cheryl Cole first became a mother, when she was 28 years old. This event greatly changed the singer and her lifestyle. She began to work less, to be creative, to spend more time at home with my baby. This, alas, did not save her marriage last autumn, it became known that Victoria and the father of her daughter Dmitry Kleiman officially divorced. It was a difficult period for both, but now, when in the street the sun was shining quite spring-like, Dayneko spoke about wanting a second child. Partly the reason for this was Vika’s friend. It so happened that several of her friends will soon become mothers.

“I was surrounded by a large number of beautiful moms-to-be looking for them, of course, inspired — said Daineko. — We also need a brother or sister!”

Fans of the stars agreed with her and wished very soon to bring those dreams to life. And Victoria, it seems, seriously thinking of adding to the family. This time she began to think, what’s the age difference supposed to be between the oldest and youngest child. Subscribers singer opinions diverged, but Victoria decided that the ideal is 5-6 years.

The singer’s daughter is now 2.5 years, so Dayneko have a maximum of two years, to solve the problems in his personal life and find a decent father for her unborn child. If all goes according to plan the perfect Victoria, her second baby will be born in 2021.