Victoria Dayneko told about the consequences of a failed marriage

Виктория Дайнеко рассказала о последствиях неудачного брака
The singer thinks that the affair with Mr Kleiman has hurt her career.

Victoria Dayneko

Victoria Dayneko convinced that her short marriage with Dmitry Kleiman will have long-lasting consequences. The artist suggests that no relationship with that one man had a negative impact on all areas of her life, including career. Dayneko noted that when a woman meets his “the one”, her life begins to spontaneously change for the better. But in her case everything was exactly the opposite.

“I often see friends and acquaintances and how their lives change as they often become successful in life professional, having met his soulmate. Direct seems that together they both inspire each other to new successes. But sometimes it is quite the opposite, such as was the case in my failed marriage. Don’t you think that when you meet your true man, the life of both becomes more beautiful on all sides. But when the “not yours”, and in other industries negative energy destroys everything built over the years before?” — reflects Network Victoria.

On the other hand, marriage with a young drummer is brought into the life of Victoria not only negative events. In a relationship with him Dayneko know the joy of motherhood: in 2015, the couple had a daughter. Two years later it became known that Victoria and Dmitri parted company and now the actress has been raising the girls alone. Dmitry was supposed was supposed to be a “Sunday dad”. But while the ex-spouses fails to build relationships.

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