Victoria Dayneko told about the cheating ex-husband

Виктория Дайнеко рассказала об измене бывшего мужа

Singer Victoria Dayneko hard going through a break with her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman. The couple is not officially divorced, and the young man was tired friend Victoria. This girl told the social network, although carefully concealed personal life, and never specified the reasons for the separation from Kleiman.

Victoria has made it clear to your subscribers that faced with this betrayal on the part of Dmitry, and the private friend. Dayneko posted an emotional entry that conveyed the state of mind of the girl.
In the post she wrote a story about a girl who really bonded with her husband after a breakup. Moreover, this girl is a close friend of Victoria. Her singer was entrusted did not expect meanness. Dayneko mentioned that was the name of the other woman on the most important events and was always there for her. Then the artist spoke out sharply in the address of a friend: “and then she starts to lick the “g” your husband and, apparently, something else, huh?”.
Followers supported the deceived and Victoria began to say that I should have suspected a romantic relationship between the former husband and the other woman. Daineko said in an ironic style, they say, well and good, but at least the drums learned to play.
By the way, Dmitry Kleiman has recently opened his own school of drumming. It personally Dmitry gives lessons to everyone. Obviously, the relationship between a girl, a friend of Victoria, and Kleiman was started in this school during lessons on percussion instruments.
Dmitry Kleiman did not comment on the break with Dayneko. But noted that will not be correct and to return to the former spouse does not intend to.
We will remind, Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman were married in 2015. The singer married, being pregnant. Together the young family spent force a year and a half.
Now the couple are raising a small daughter together. The star’s parents try to pay much attention to the girl, make her feel surrounded by love.