Виктория Дайнеко рассказала о возвращении к бывшему мужу
The singer has opened the heart with the fans.

Photo: Instagram

Cheryl Cole was once again struck fans. The singer told that he could go to her ex-husband, despite everything that happened between them. One of the fans asked Daineko, lost her feelings for Dmitry Kleiman.

“No, not lost sometimes — honestly told Victoria. Sometimes become more aware of with experience and time. Life is very long and unpredictable, and some feelings are validated over the years, separations and distances. The main thing — not to promise!”

Fans have noticed that Dayneko and Kleiman again began to communicate normally. Early among them was the intensity of mutual resentment that they could not handle it on your own. The singer was told that her husband is a pathetic creature, and her ex-husband assured the public that Vick is a bad wife, a mother, but a great aggressor.

Now all in the past. For the sake of the daughter of the ex-couple was able to establish normal communication. Two-year-old Lida has lived with his mother, but in communion with the father Vika to her limits.

Fans are sure to survive a divorce Victoria helped psychotherapy. Recently, the singer admitted that a good mood and a positive attitude it helps to keep the therapist.

“In sorrow you don’t have time!” — joked the star.

And now here she spoke about the fact that it does not exclude the possibility of returning to the former husband, since her feelings haven’t completely cooled down. Meanwhile, Dmitry is already half a year is in a romantic relationship with another girl.

“Dasha, fortunately, not a singer, she is the translator professional in his field, said Kleiman in an interview with “Collection Caravan of Stories”. — Dasha virtually ignores the concerts of our group, which take place in Moscow. Said that during my talk she had goosebumps. It’s so nice to hear! She believes in me, in my potential. And I believe in us…”