Victoria Dayneko told about his wrinkles

Виктория Дайнеко рассказала о своих морщинках
The singer delighted fans with a wise lifestyle.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Viktoriya Dayneko was so outraged by the statements
some of their fans that decided to dot
the “I”. A fiery speech the singer has devoted a difficult issue which many stars prefer
not to advertise his age.

“All spoke on the theme “it’s old”
dedicated, — says Victoria. My name is Vika and I’m thirty years old! Yes! Long
not 17 at the time, when I just met the public. I absolutely
feel comfortable with her age and not think that people in 30 years
should look for 15. Ashamed of his age in the mirror, I guess
strange. Just as strange to me to be ashamed of some of the wonderful
what had to happen in my life. Cool to be yourself at any age and not be ashamed
its wrinkles. My mostly — traces of laughter and smiles, and what you want!”

Subscribers microblog personal stars after reading it
of the revelation, admired the honesty and wisdom of their idol. “Right
position in life! Well done! You look amazing! Vic, what wrinkles?
30 years today is also youth! You have a great sense of humor, you are wise not
years!” — they wrote.

By the way, the wisdom and the ability to laugh at the UPS and downs
fate allowed Daineko to cope with a difficult life period. Quite
recently, Victoria and her husband Dmitry Kleiman has ceased to be husband and wife
officially. “Accept congratulations!!! No need to envy so much”, —
signed the passport Daineko. The singer admitted that the problems in
the relationship with her husband appeared almost immediately after the wedding. Some time later, the couple
began to swear and two years after the wedding, they have lived
separately. However, this form of family life did not come Kleiman, and he took
a willful decision to divorce. Curiously, this spring, Victoria gave
to understand that hopes for a reconciliation with the father of your daughter. She did not want to give
for divorce, not assuming that she’ll do it Dmitry.