Victoria Dayneko starred without underwear

Виктория Дайнеко снялась без нижнего белья
The singer pleased fans with the outright.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @Instagram victoriadaineko Victoria Dayneko

Victoria Dayneko shared on the days of risky photography. The singer has posted a photo which appeared in overalls, which, as the attentive fans, was worn on the naked body. After the publication of the members began to discuss the slim figure of the star became a mom just over a year ago. Incidentally, among those who appreciated the portrait of Victoria was and its colleague on a scene Pelagia. As a sign of their support she sent Daineko a few images of hearts. By the way, Victoria is one of the few artists that detractors have never fished on the use of photoshop. She takes pride in her appearance and is not shy to show their natural beauty.

By the way, if, while at home, Victoria can afford to look like she wants to go out, in recognition of the singer, she has long and carefully prepared. The actress said about how the process of selecting dresses and why even experienced representatives of show business sometimes still happen trendy “piercing”.

“In General, every time when you leave you can not focus on something that is like a mirror. Definitely need to make a photo with flash to see the flaws that in the mirror my eye does not notice, it may be that the beautiful stockings will begin to Shine, or be too thick why will do nasty wonders with your figure…” — said Victoria.