Victoria Dayneko showed a photo from the hospital

Виктория Дайнеко показала фото из роддома
The singer remembered the events of two years ago.

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Dayneko yesterday celebrated the birthday of his daughter. But however indulged in nostalgia. The singer remembered how was this day two years ago, when the baby was about to be born.

Dayneko shared a rare archival photo, which depicted directly in the pre-Natal ward! The singer wearing the usual Bathrobe, the “Soviet” shirt, compression stockings and Slippers. Traditionally, even in the most modern hospitals, women are not advised to remove hair rubber band — bad luck. The room where Victoria was waiting for delivery, equipped with the latest “technology”. It has everything that can help the mother to relive the most painful contractions: ladders, ropes, fitball…

“It’s that happiness can withstand any test!” — Victoria wrote in a personal blog.

The truth is not clear, it is because of the trials that fell to her share as the wife, or the pain of contractions, you have to endure during the appearance of a child into the world.

Judging by the photos, it definitely is not about pain. Because Vika is posing in the photo with his trademark smile!

“Yes! In the Perinatal Medical Centre to give birth here with such expression from the beginning of the activity until the long-awaited meeting!” — said Victoria.

The girl once again heartily thanked the doctors and all the medical staff who helped to be born her daughter.