Victoria Dayneko shared a revelation about the disease daughter

Виктория Дайнеко поделилась откровением о болезни дочери
The singer got tired with the baby to the doctors.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Victoria Dayneko was the first in her life vacation, which she spent alone with my daughter. Recently she returned from a trip to France. Before the singer flew to relax in, accompanied by her husband — Dmitry Kleiman, who had assisted in caring for the girl. Now, after it became known that Victoria and Dmitri soon to be divorced, actress gets used to the role of a single mother.

Unlike most stars, Dayneko flew to the côte d’azur. My vacation with my daughter the singer has spent in Alsace, where he stayed in an old house. However, the rest of Victoria took place just not the way she imagined it. Most of the time she was busy not walking with her daughter in North of France, and visits to the doctor and buying drugs…

Daughter Victoria almost at the beginning of the journey was unwell: she had cough and high fever. A little later she got sick and stellar mommy. “Bon vakans” the doctor says, leaving my room once prescribed an antibiotic and a bunch of other drugs. Yes! So “Bon vakans” three times running around to doctors with her daughter and on the 4th time with me. Oh, those French viruses… 60% of time was spent on the fight against cough and fever. Lucky I am in life…” — said Victoria in the microblog. However, despite all the adventures, Dayneko was satisfied with the vacation. And most importantly, the singer realized that traveling alone with a small child it is quite feasible for her task.

“But despite the temperature and all the trouble these was great! And those who said that together with the child to travel it is impossible and difficult, I was wrong! Everything is possible and not so difficult! The main desire! And in happiness!” — sure Victoria.